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Fun Floral Crafts

Although it gives you an excuse to buy fresh flowers, it's only natural to feel a little sad when your beautiful blooms begin to lose their freshness. If you've followed our flower and tried our flower , but your flowers are still drooping, then their vase life is probably over. But don't worry -- the fun's not done when your flowers are! Give your flowers an "after-life" with our fantastic flower craft ideas, perfect for creating great floral gifts and long-lasting mementos everybody will cherish. If you want your crafted flowers to last as long as possible, read our article on flowers. Otherwise, you can have fun with these crafts using fresh flowers, if you don't mind a shorter shelf life.

  • You Wear It Well: Remember how much fun you had as a child making dandelion necklaces and daisy crowns? It's remarkably simple to recapture the easy, breezy summer days of your youth with an updated version of the flower necklace. Simply press and dry a few small, simple flowers like violets, a larger bloom such as a gerbera daisy, or the petals of your favorite flower, and use rubber cement to attach them to a length of ribbon. Looks great as a choker or a string of flowers, and you can even wear it in your hair.
  • Crafty Candles: Craftily avoid the expense of pre-decorated candles, and use your flowers to make beautiful, glowing hand-made decorations. Purchase "drip-less" pillar candles from a local discount store, find a foam brush or sponge, and pick up some decoupage craft glue. "Mod Podge" is a popular choice. You can also use melted wax, but it takes longer and requires more time and equipment. This craft works best with flat flowers, so if you haven't followed our flowers, you'll need to place your blooms under a heavy book for a few hours. Decide how you'd like your flowers to be arranged on the candle, then work around it in small sections, brushing on a thin layer of glue and gently pressing your flowers into it. When you're finished, brush on a final coat of glue to cement your flowers in place, and let the candle dry completely. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it away as a gift, your flowers will continue to provide untold hours of beauty. Of course, never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Flowery Flower Pots: Forget about growing your spring bulbs in boring old terracotta. Use your petals to turn those drab orange containers into true flower pots any bloom would be proud to call home. Decide how you'd like to lay out your petals, use regular white glue to stick them in place, and cover with a final coat of glue. You can add other decorative elements like buttons, ribbons, or paint. Be imaginative -- use your petals to create garden scenes, an abstract array, or even flower people. Whatever you choose, we're sure it will have all the pizzazz a flower pot deserves.
  • Still Life With Flowers : Instead of decorating a flower pot, you can use a picture frame, a mug, or a place mat to create wonderful floral designs. Just make sure to use the appropriate glue for the surface to which you will be bonding your flowers.
  • Forever Flowers: important memories. Using real flowers to decorate your pages can help cut down on the expense associated with purchasing pre-made decorative add-ons. Simply rubber cement your dried flowers on to the page directly, or use a laminator to incase them in plastic first. If you're willing to dedicate yourself to a long term floral project, create a scrapbook just for flowers. Put a new page in for every floral occassion, or give your book an exclusive theme like "Mother's Day Flowers" or "Flowers for Easter." A great idea is to start collecting the flowers from your child's first dance and continue through to their graduation or even their wedding. Makes a wonderful record they'll cherish for years to come.

Using your flowers to make fun floral crafts is a great way to create meaningful gifts and personal mementos. For more ways to get the most out of your flowers, check out our practical uses for flowers. Or, if you'd like to share a great floral craft of your own, send an email to and we'll include it here.

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