Selasa, 15 Juli 2008

How Can You Rent Luxury Car for the Prize of Economy Car

You want to rent a car for your trip and wish to use a luxury car yet do not want to pay more than for an econo car. So, how is it possible?

Just like airlines, rental car companies also overbook, and the economy cars are usually the first to go. By booking the most popular model, you’re likely to get a better car without even asking for it. Your timing is the key for success.

What day you’re walking onto the lot usually makes a difference: In big cities, normally companies that rent cars to business travelers during the week will often hand you the keys to a nice car at no charge if you show up in the middle of the day or early in the week - when most business travelers have cars out.

And the reverse is also true at resort destinations, which do the bulk of their business on weekends. The best time to score a free upgrade there is on Saturday afternoon, when most of the lower end cars have been rented out.

Like everything else, the car rental market also lies on supply and demand.

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