Jumat, 16 Mei 2008

Spring Flowers

1. Snowdrop/Galanthus nivalis: The snowdrop has the distinction of being one of the earliest bulbs to bloom, sometimes while snow is still on the ground! The small delicate bell-shaped flowers are white and tipped with green. They grow 8-12 inches tall and look beautiful when grown in clumps around the base of a tree or mailbox, or scattered throughout the lawn.

Since they are small, plant many of them to create a pleasing effect. The bulb will naturalize easily and prefers cool moist soil and a semi-shady or full sun location. They are a sure cure for the winter blues! Hardiness Zones: 4-8

2. Spring Snowflake: This flower is very similar to Snowdrops as it blooms in early spring and naturalizes easily in colder climates. The plant grows 6-10 inches tall and bears fragrant white bell shaped blooms.

It prefers a damp location, sandy/humus rich soil, and will thrive in full sun or light shade. It can be grown in containers, rock gardens, and of course under trees and shrubs. This easy care plant will guarantee that spring is on the way! Hardiness Zones: 4-8

3. Winter Crocus/Crocus tommasinianus: The Winter Crocus as its name implies, bloom very early in the spring. It grows 3-5 inches tall and comes in a variety of colors to include: white, yellow, purple, mauve, and bronze. The small cup shaped spring flower has 6 petals with a three spiked orange stamen. Winter Crocus prefer a cold, sun-dappled environment (needs more sun exposure in extremely cold areas) and will naturalize easily in lawns and rock gardens. These little “gems” will brighten your yard!

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