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Christmas Flowers are an appealing home decoration!

Come December, as our thoughts turn to feasts, gifts, friends and Christmas flowers. For those who celebrate Christmas, decorating our homes and public places is an important part of the holiday. The tours feature indoor displays of festive holiday decorations featuring nostalgic vignettes of Christmas past and sleek modern interpretations of traditional Christmas flowers.

Outdoor light shows on the buildings, grounds and streets dazzle us and take us back to one of the original meanings of the holiday - a festival of light. In recent years, botanical gardens have gotten into the holiday tour and light show act, and one of the biggest in the United States is at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Known around the world for its greenhouses, fountain displays and stunning grounds, Longwood Gardens pulls out all the stops when it comes to displaying Christmas flowers, whether they be real or illusory.

Almost half a million lights glitter among the trees and the garden of light includes faux Christmas flowers such as white foil roses climbing over an arbor, sweeps of illuminated blossoms under birch trees twinkling with red lights, and topiary reindeer loading presents into a sleigh.

The fantasy continues as spectacular fountains "dance" to music all day long (temperature permitting). The impact of this display steps up dramatically after dark when huge starry snowflakes and icicles sparkle in surrounding trees, a glittering backdrop to the surging waters lit with the colors of a Christmas rainbow. Longwood's four acre conservatory highlights the theme of Christmas flowers to the max. From the traditional Christmas flowers and evergreens to exotic combinations of

  • orchids
  • bromeliads
  • begonias
  • succulents

and even more poinsettia, the spirit of the holiday is manifest in the lavish decorations. 3,000 poinsettias, fragrant flowers and exotic plants spread their glory under the towering trees. In the Orangery, poinsettias in full bloom share center stage with German primroses.

Delft blue coleus and red and white hold court among masses of stevia and azaleas, while blooming tulips, pansies and narcissus provide a tempting glimpse of April amid an impressive display of "floral snow."

The magic of spring blossoms in winter is the ultimate flower gift. This world famous celebration of Christmas flowers doesn't stop with lights and blossoms. There has to be music and food to make the holiday complete, so Longwood's Conservatory Music Room features tableaux depicting the holiday celebration of a contemporary family.

Eastern European inspired decorations remind the family of their ancestry and the dining room table, set for Christmas dinner, is both a focal point and an inspiration. The table settings are disguised as walled gardens and the miniature fabrique centerpiece with its two foot tall fountain evokes scenes of 18th century France. No matter where in the world you live, your home and your neighborhood can be a celebration of Christmas flowers. Take an idea or two from Longwood Gardens and light up your holiday.

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