Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Tips Sukses Hidup

STOP DREAMING START ACTION – Do You know what this sentence means ? nowadays alot of people keep dreaming one day they will success, get a lot of money, have a better life. But they never do any action to make it happen. Usually they will give you a tons of reason why they cant do it, no body support, no money, no motivation.

Nearly everyone I know is afraid of doing something. If they’re not afraid of anything right now, at one time or another they have been. While the thing that gives you butterflies in your stomach may not be the same thing that makes me weak in the knees, there is always something. For some of us it’s giving a speech. For others it’s exchanging the security of one job for the uncertainty of a new position. Unfortunately, our fears can stop us from moving forward, if we let them.

What about you? What are you afraid of? What fears are keeping you from achieving your dreams? Are you stuck in a job rut because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to find something else? Do you avoid networking events because you’re scared to go by yourself? Are you unable to increase your business because you’re afraid of rejection?

Don’t get discouraged, at one time or another everyone else has been afraid too.

Just Remeber that if you want success, you must start action first, no matter what happen, what people told you, just do it. dont keep dreaming and dreaming. i still remember what my parents told me, today problem we solve it right now, tomorrow problem, we think and solve it tomorrow. So STOP DREAMINGS START ACTION is a right quote for now, dont keep dreaming but nothing to do, better we start action and dont think what will happen in the future. as long as you believe in your self that you will success then the dream will come true.

I bet everyone here have their brilliant idea to get more money for better future. So let me tell you the painful truth

Everyone has (or at least thinks they have) great ideas. Ideas for books, inventions, websites, services, …anything. But how many people actually have the courage and motivation to make those ideas a reality? To learn about book publishing and spend months perfecting a bestseller? To design, build, test, and patent a product? The answer, of course, is very few. That’s because it’s hard to do something original. It’s hard to pour your time and sweat into something that might not succeed. But, it’s the only path forward. The only way to achieve your dreams is to take action. Deliberate, faithful action.


The time for action is now. Don’t placate yourself with your dreams for another week. That becomes a habit. Stop finding excuses. Start educating yourself. Start building real assets.

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